After a month of voting, with over five-hundred votes for the official colors of Charlotte Football Club, we have a winner.

Option Four has won with over fifty-five percent of the votes. “We left it up to our fans and our city to vote for the colors they wanted their team to wear and represent.” said Michael Filipidis, founder of Charlotte FC.

Filipidis also stated, “This is only the beginning for our city and team. We will build a brand this city can really be proud of and represent. This is Charlottes team and our supporters and the community have every right to decide our future.”

Recently introduced to the ownership group, Brad Barnett added, “The colors of the club were voted on by the supporters, and that’s what makes this club great. Community is what it is all about, and the color scheme is as unique to the Charlotte sports landscape as each individual is to our community.”

“We are fully committed to fielding a team come 2018. We will be announcing some great news in the next coming weeks of the future plans for our team. Things have maintained and looked positive.” Filipidis added.

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