What is NISA?

The National Independent Soccer Association is the expansion Division III league aimed at filling the division III void in the current US Soccer pyramid. NISA will provide an independent league with team owners controlling league governance, their local markets, and their intellectual property. Focused on creating an affordable lower division national pro soccer league with regional based competition backed by a strong league office led by Peter Wilt and Jack Cummins with quality staff supplemented with expert consultants that help the league and teams with sales, marketing, and raising capital. The leagues long term vision includes intentions to implement Promotion and Relegation through agreements with Independent Division II leagues as well as with independent division IV leagues once NISA is fully populated with 24 teams.

Who founded the Charlotte NISA Expansion Team?

Michael Filipidis. Michael grew up in Valparaiso, IN. A graduate of Purdue University, Michael started his first company while studying business. As a student he started a real estate investment company and an online gaming website, while also helping to run a successful family owned restaurant with his father. Passionate about soccer, Michael has been a player, analyzed games and coached in the United States as well as in Greece. He has been an assistant coach for the past 3 summers for a 4th Division Soccer team on the island of Karpathos in Greece building numerous relationships with coaches, and players throughout the country.

Who will own this team?

Michael has been working extremely close with CLUB 9 SPORTS to assemble a quality investor group and are also working toward starting a public Supports’ Group to Charlottes’ investor group.

Huh? I can own a stake in Charlotte FC?

Yes you can! PACES Act allows us to sell shares of Charlotte FC to the public! Giving fans and the community a chance to own a part of Charlotte FC is a unique opportunity that will connect the club to the community. Offering a Trust is an important way to integrate fans into the governance and support of Charlotte FC. Our fans and supporters have the right to have their voices heard. This will be Charlottes’ team!

When will Charlotte FC begin playing?

The team’s goal is to begin play in the 2018 NISA season beginning Spring, 2018. Delays in finalizing the investor group could postpone the launch to Spring, 2019.

Where will games be played?

Our venue of choice is the American Legion Memorial Stadium. We have had numerous positive talks and meetings with Memorial Stadium staff members in hosting us for many years to come. The chance to play in Uptown Charlotte is a very exciting opportunity to showcase one of Charlotte's jewels in an urban area where fans can have a full evening of entertainment in and around the stadium.

What role will Charlotte FC have in our community?

The vision for Charlotte FC is to give our community the opportunity to be included within our city and team. A fan base that is diverse, proudly encourages, and supports Charlotte FC. The vision is to provide an atmosphere full of energy, passion, and excitement for all ages to enjoy. We are also dedicated to giving back to the community. Through the involvement of Charlotte FC players, coaches, and staff, along with the support of our fans, we can certainly make a positive impact in the community on and off of the field.

How could I help?

Please let us know if you’re interested in owning a share of the team, or contact us with your ideas and feedback. You can keep up with Charlotte FC on Twitter and Facebook – and tell your friends to do so, too. Thank you for your support!